The team offers the full remit of expertise giving advise to commercial companies and social enterprises in Italy and abroad in incorporation, management and development, internationalisation and restructuring. We help clients to have the right support to structure their investment so it meets the legal, tax and international requirements.
Our experts provide a broad range of integrated services to enterprises facing business operations overseas. In this competitive economic climate good commercial agreements encourage performance and discourage disputes.
We advise on a range of commercial international arrangements, from agency, licensing and distribution agreements, to supply and online contracts.
This unit grants assistance to helping protect any forms of valuable intellectual property, such as trademarks, copyrights, trade-secrets and patents.

We register and monitor intellectual property anywhere in the world to ensure rights are fully protected and commercially exploited.

Compliance and Regulatory 
We provide compliance advice while steering clients through a myriad of local differences as well as creating corporate policies, codes of conduct, data protection policies.
Our aim is to deal with regulators in a way that keeps companies, directors and senior executives out of enforcement. 


We are business lawyers and investment strategy advisers whose practice encompasses commercial and contractual Law, mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures, corporate governance and compliance programs, comparative Law and other corporate Law matters with a strong European and international dimension.

We work in different jurisdictions and provide tailored advice on a variety of legal matters, prevalently in the context of sustainable business development.


We support business as a whole and help clients to achieve their goals, always looking for innovative solutions through unexplored paths combining costs, effectiveness, and quality.


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36100 Vicenza, Italia


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